I love forcing my friends to write me long messages about how much they love me

I wished I was pretty.

You have angry eyebrows… LOL

todays my birthday and i got a giant totoro from my ex and found out he still likes me ok

wow dats awk

i hate feeling stupid when i’m telling one of my friends about something that happened and they’re like ok 

wow ur so mean ur suppose to care

A lot of my guy friends think its unattractive for girls to have so many piercings and tattoos.

And a lot of guys in tumblr dig that.

Shit I don’t understand

If its my birthday why are you telling me to bake you and everyone cookies and cupcakes

Like bitch aren’t u suppose to do that for me? Well, you know I’m going to bake delicious shit and you won’t get none. Fucker.


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its funny because people think im quiet

but im just listening to everyones conversations

and figuring out your weaknesses

and ill use them against you to get further in life

because i hate everyone

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